Winterization Services

Winter comes with harsh weather that can cause harm to your swimming pool. There is a need to properly prepare for this season that comes every year. The winter period is characterized by snow and extreme cold that can negatively affect most parts of the swimming pool hence the need for winterization services


Winterization Service cuts across diverse areas such as balancing water chemical level, winterizing plumbing, lubricating rings on equipment, adjusting of water level, draining of pool equipment, removal of skimmer baskets, wall fittings removal, removal of solar blankets, and general pool cleaning.


This service is designed to help you have an excellent winter experience with a harmless swimming pool that has high standard hygiene.

pool winterization services
pool winterization services


The swimming pool will function efficiently without any hazards to health or pool parts if proper maintenance measures are applied. The extremely cold temperature during the winter period often causes an imbalance in the chemical levels. Damages, such as the bursting of pipes and heat loss, have negative effects on the pool, so there is a need for preparation.


Green Tech Cleaning helps swimming pool owners prepare for the winter season through the winterization services that we provide. The service allows residents to get ready for the coldest season of the year so that the negative effects will be limited.


Our team, with many years of experience, can address all issues relating to winter preparation that generally involves the maintenance of pool parts. These services are provided both during the fall months in preparation for winter and during the winter season itself.


Similar to all our services, you can have Winterization Services by requesting online. Simply click request a quote or contact the team. Our highly-trained and efficient team will attend to your winterization needs.

pool winterization
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