Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning Services

Tiles can make your pool look great, especially when they are newly cleaned by professional pool tile cleaners. They come in different sizes and colors and can give the pool users the best feeling while they swim. However, they can look unattractive when stained or unkempt.

For this reason, pool tile cleaning is essential. Pool Tile Cleaning Services make sure to clean up the tiles before the dirt and stains accumulate further.


Swimming pool owners need to know what causes hard stains on their pool tiles and why they need professional pool tile cleaning services to resolve it. Stains are mainly caused by hard water. In general knowledge, hard water refers to water that does not leather easily, however, there is more to it than we generally know.

Hard Water consists of a compound (Ca2SO4) known as Calcium Tetraoxosulphate VI that does not decompose. It forms a cloudy stain on the tiles of your pools and keeps accumulating until it starts looking unkempt. It is the most common tile stain that most pool owners have to contend with. Since it is common, Pool Tile Cleaning is done more often than Acidic Cleaning.

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Cleaning pool tiles Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning Services Pool Tile Cleaning


To carry out pool cleaning for calcium removal, the water level of the pool must be reduced. After which the calcium scales are removed by scrubbing the pool tiles with vinegar and water solution. Muriatic acid is also very effective for removing calcium stains in pool tiles.

However, if the pool uses hard water, the calcium stains are likely to return, and the procedure has to be repeated at intervals to get rid of the stains. It is worthy of mention that after calcium cleaning, pools may be cloudy for some days before it becomes clear again.

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