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If you have ever considered having an acidic wash for your swimming pool, then there are certain things you ought to know about the acidic wash, such as the kind of stains that it can remove and how often you need it. You should know if it poses any risk to our pool, especially if you attempt to do it by yourself.

Having an acid wash for your swimming pool goes far beyond just cleaning the surface. It is an arduous but very rewarding task.


Acidic wash can remove stains caused by chlorine. Algae and other minerals can easily be removed from the bottom of your pool by acid wash. Chlorine is acidic, and it is used to sanitize the swimming pool to lower the risk of contamination. When such stains accumulate in your pool, users can feel repulsed.

Whether in residential or commercial locations, swimming pools are meant for relaxation. People can stay in the pool to relieve stress and feel relaxed. They will not want to see the stains by algae or chlorine on the tiles of your pool.

Stains of this nature as identified above can be removed by acid wash. It works effectively, and it is known to remove such unyielding stains. Pools that require this service look black, unusually green, or murky, therefore by simple observation, you can tell when a pool needs acidic cleaning.

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It is important to know how acid wash works to remove tough stains from your pool. It removes the thin layer of pebbles under your pool and makes it look new since the dirty surface layer has been taken off.

You may have wondered why it is highly recommended to have an acidic wash for your swimming pool only once a year. It is because of the chemicals that are used in washing the pool and the effect that it has.

Although water is drained from the pool before it is applied, its ability to remove the surface of pebbles makes it risky. It is very effective in removing stains from your pool and it poses no risk to health and your people if it is done properly.

That is why it is advisable to seek the services of professional swimming pool cleaners rather than doing it yourself. Contact us

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