Pool heaters

Efficient functioning

Your pool heater will work efficiently whenever you want to use it. Proper maintenance will not make it suddenly develop a fault.

Pool heaters transfer warmth from the air to your pool to enable you to feel comfortable irrespective of seasons. At Green Tech, we understand that your pool heater serves an important function so we have some maintenance packages for you that will ensure that the heaters work efficiently.

pool heaters
pool heaters

Evaporation coils are cleaned

A clean evaporation coil will ensure that your pool heater does not suddenly breakdown and ruin the fun.

Control systems are checked

The control systems of your pool heaters need to undergo routine maintenance to enable them to function properly.

Contact Green Tech to have your pool heaters thoroughly maintained to keep it functioning effectively. Request a quote now

Extended swimming pool seasons

With temperature regulation through the pool heaters, no season will be too cold to enjoy the comfort of your swimming pool. That is because we will stand by you, providing the much-needed maintenance for your pool heaters.

pool heaters
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