Pool filters

Pool filters require regular cleaning as part of your pool maintenance measures. The pool filter does a lot of work. It is the reason why your pool water is not overtaken by dirt. It should be free from dirt and debris itself in order to keep functioning effectively.


Pool filters need backwashing and cleaning to remove clogs and debris that can block it and lead to inefficiencies.

Pool filter
pool filter

Your pool filter will be clean

The buildup of chemical deposits and debris can negatively affect your pool filter. In turn, it will not be able to function effectively resulting in cloudy water. But with our pool maintenance and filter cleaning, your filters will function as they should.

Adequate water flow

There can be a reduced water stream to Spa when your pool filter is blocked by dirt. Our cleaning will ensure that water flows adequately and it will be free from dirt and debris.

The chemical level will be balanced

The chemical levels of your pool can be balanced when you have an effective pool filter. A faulty pool filter will let in dirt and impurities into the pool causing chemical levels to become irregular.

Green Tech can help take care of all your pool filter maintenance needs. Request a quote to get started.

pool filter
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