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  • 5 Disadvantages of Swimming Pool Cleaning Robots

    Technology is supposed to make human life much easier and that is what swimming pool cleaning robots do. All users have to do is control the robot which has an electric motor, pump, filter, and vacuum.

    It is designed to work in the pool to remove both large and small dirt particles. At a first glance, it appears to be the solution that all pool owners are looking for but it is far from that if you are not a professional.

    Disadvantages of Swimming Pool Cleaning Robots

    Swimming pool cleaning robots is not a perfect alternative to professional cleaning for the following reasons.

    1 Uneven cleaning
    The swimming pool cleaning robot can clean only as far as its electric cord can go. So, there is the risk of some areas being left behind. Achieving an effective pool cleaning using robots requires some expertise that pool cleaning professionals have.

    2 It can not be scheduled for daily cleaning

    If you have a busy swimming pool, you cannot depend on your swimming pool cleaning robot. It requires you to be around and set it up. Also, you will be monitoring and controlling it until relative cleaning is achieved. It is much different when you get pool cleaning professionals to get it done. You do not have to be there when your pool is being cleaned.


    swim ming pool cleaning robot

    Pool cleaning robot

    3 It cannot clean your pool surface
    Your swimming pool cleaning robots cannot clean the pool surface. You will have to do an alternative cleaning to have them cleaned. The robot can clean only the pool walls and floors.

    4 Regular filter cleaning

    Although the robot can remove both large and small debris, its filter size is very small and users have to remove and clean them frequently while cleaning. This is time-consuming and it may require some technical know-how which users do not have.

    5 High cost of repair
    Apart from your pool maintenance cost, you will have to put up with a high cost of maintaining your swimming pool cleaning robot. The electric motor and other parts can easily breakdown.


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