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  • 5 Effective Ways to Remove Leaves from Swimming Pool

    Ways Remove Leaves from Swimming Pool

    Leaves constitute both a remote and the long term threat to the efficiency and safety of your swimming pool. There is a need to remove leaves from the swimming pool because of their negative effect that they have. Removing leaves is more than just using leaf traps, there are diverse ways of removing them and preventing them from causing damage to your pool.


    Leaves can have very large sizes and they can breakdown into particles that can block the pool filter and cause germs to thrive in the pool tiles and sides. To remove leaves from swimming pool is a very important pool cleaning measures.


    5 Ways to Remove Leaves from Swimming Pool

    As we gradually approach the fall, it is very important to keep leaves out. So try, any of the following methods to achieve that.


    1 Landscaping

    If it is cost-effective, you can remove leaves from your pool by changing the pool location from areas that expose it to leaves. This is the case when your pool is surrounded by trees that can shed their leaves in the pool. You can also cut branches of trees that can shed leaves directly into the swimming pool.


    2 Use Leaf Covers

    A swimming pool leaf cover serves many functions. They are made of netting materials so they can prevent leaves and even snow from entering the pool.


    3 Use Leaf Blockers

    If leaves are a threat, you can build a fence around your swimming pool. The fence will stop the wind from blowing leaves into the pool.


    4 Robotic Pool Skimmer


    Robotic swimming pool skimmers can effectively remove leaves from the swimming pool. Although they are considered expensive, they are generally effective because of the inbuilt sensors that they have which easily identify areas that require cleaning.


    5 Contact Green Tech Cleaning

    Green Tech does pool cleaning and can help you remove leaves from your pool. As experienced pool cleaners, they can help you maintain a clean swimming pool, removing leaves and debris and offering a wide range of pool cleaning services in Florida.



    Remove Leaves from Swimming Pool with Green Tech Cleaning


    Leaves constitute a major threat to an efficient and safe swimming pool. Green Tech Cleaning helps not just to remove leaves but also to provide an all-round cleaning for your pool. Contact Green Tech Cleaning by filling a request quote form or calling.


    Green Tech Cleaning offers a wide range of pool cleaning and pool maintenance services such as swimming pool acid wash, pool tile cleaning and general pool cleaning services in Florida and environs. We are always ready to efficiently meet your pool cleaning needs and help you remove leaves from swimming pool.

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