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  • Negative Effects of Low Pool Temperature on Swimming Pools

    Having a low pool temperature is what many pool owners face especially when summer has ended. Temperatures may drop but the taste that some people have for swimming does not just go away because the summer is over.

    The low pool temperature is not good news for pool owners especially when it is below 77 degrees Fahrenheit as recommended by the WHO. Low temperatures can affect one’s health and the chemical contents of the pool itself.

    Effect of Low Pool Temperature on Health

    1 Breathing problems

    Swimming in low pool temperature waters can result in loss of breathing control. When it comes in contact with the skin, it causes a shock response. 

    Also, the cold receptors in the skin are immediately stimulated causing you to gasp for breath. Its effect could last for up to a minute and it can be fatal.

    2 Sudden Heart Attack

    The shock created by a very low pool temperature can lead to a heart attack. At temperatures below certain degrees, it is not advisable to use a swimming pool.

    3 Burning skin sensation

    At low pool temperatures below 77 degrees, the likelihood of having a burning sensation in the skin is very high because of the shock that it creates in the skin receptors.

    Effect of Low Pool Temperature on Pool Chemistry

    Temperature plays a key role in making your pool chemicals effective. Pool chemicals help to prevent germs, algae, and other bacteria from polluting the water. But a low pool temperature can affect them.

    1 High Chlorine Concentration

    In low pool temperatures, the level of chlorine can be higher than normal. This is because low temperature slows the chemical reactions involving chlorine. 

    It is not used up as expected and accumulates in the pool especially when the chemical levels are not properly checked. High chlorine hurts the skin ad can bleach pool covers, tiles, and walls.

    2 Salt-water pool Malfunction

    In low pool temperatures of below 60 degrees F, salt-chlorine generators will not work because chemical reactions will be slowed. Saltwater pools are considered healthier than traditional chlorine.

    3 Chemical imbalance

    It will be difficult to get an accurate PH reading for your pool when the water is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Even the reagent used will not give an accurate result because of the low temperature. This is caused by a decrease in the rate of chemical reactions due to low temperatures.


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