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  • 5 Negative Effects of Leaves in Swimming Pool

    Negative Effects of Leaves in Swimming Pool

    Leaves in your swimming pool can cause a lot of damage since they interfere with the normal functions of the swimming pool. If you are looking forward to adopting a good swimming pool maintenance culture, then you must be ready to get the leaves out and prevent them from getting in again. This is essential since the leaves in the swimming pool have far-reaching effects apart from just littering the pool. It is these negative effects that made leaves filters a very big challenge.

    5 Negative Effects of Leaves in Swimming Pool

    1. They Constitute a Nuisance

    Finding leaves in the swimming pool, especially on the water surface can be very disturbing, especially when you are not a professional cleaner. They constitute nuisances since, after absorbing water, the leaves sink in and cause more damage to the pool. They can keep accumulating if nothing is done to remove them.

    2. They Leave dirt and debris behind

    Leaves in the swimming pool form dirt and debris after absorbing moisture. They sink in and become dirt particles on pool sides and bottom. Since they are decaying, they can become stains too.


    3. Leaves in a swimming pool can make the filter less effective.

    Your pool filter can work efficiently without obstructions if no dirt clogs the filter. When leaves absorb water and sink into the pool bottom, they will find their way into the filter and block it most times.


    4. Leaves in Swimming Pool Causes Algae

    If leaves are found in your swimming pool, then watch out for algae. Decaying leave debris will be taken over by algae. Algae have negative effects on the pool. By keeping the leaves out, you will be protecting your swimming pool from algae.


    5. Chemical Imbalances

    Having leaves accumulate in your swimming pool will cause an imbalance in chemical levels. It is much easier to know the required chemical level for your swimming pool when the water is free from leaves. The negative effects of leaves are felt more when sanitizers like chlorine are applied. It makes them ineffective.

    Getting Rid of Pool Leaves

    There are various ways to remove leaves from your swimming pool, whether they are fresh or already debris. Green Tech Cleaning can help keep leaves out of your pool and make you enjoy maximum satisfaction by providing all-round pool cleaning services.

    Green Tech Cleaning offers a wide range of pool cleanings and pool maintenance services such as swimming pool acid wash, pool tile cleaning, and general pool cleaning services in Florida and environs. We are always ready to efficiently meet your pool cleaning needs.

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