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  • Florida Pools: Effective Ways Pool Screens Repel Bugs

    Does Pool Screen Make Florida Pools Bug Repellent?

    The swimming pool needs special care so that the owners can enjoy maximum satisfaction. As part of measures put in place to protect the swimming pool, screens are built around Florida pools. It is common in Florida since many houses and public places have swimming pools. 

    Also, some of the latest pool cleaning and care technologies can be found in Florida. Florida pools are unique for many reasons, but that isn’t our focus now. We are especially interested in the use of pool screens, which are believed to support Florida pools in several ways.

    Florida Pools Screen

    In Florida, the pool screen is called the Lanai, which is also the same as a pool cage, and it is used to promote safety and protect the swimming pool. It is the enclosure around the swimming pool that can be found in many Florida pools. They come in various shapes and sizes based on the size of the pool. Generally, pool screens are thought to be expensive because they often cover the entire pool or some vital portions of it.

    They are made to support other aspects of pool care such as chemical treatment, temperature regulation, bug infestation, dirt, and dust particles. They are often made of aluminum material.

    How Pool Screens Repel Bugs from Florida Pool

    With the use of pool screens, the intensity of heat from the sun, and bugs that can infest the pool will be reduced. Its ability to keep the swimming pool clean by repelling bugs is one of the strongest reasons why more Florida pools are using screens.

    When a pool is exposed, it will have algae, which are often treated by different pool cleaning methods. Bugs are attracted by algae and will come to the pool. There are different types of bugs, especially the back-swimmers that often make the pool look irritating. 

    Water boatmen can also infest an exposed pool by laying their eggs. The eggs are harsh and a bunch of baby water boatmen feeds on the algae. To get rid of the people often make use of chlorine. Chlorine can kill algae and other microorganisms since it combines with water to form chemicals like hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite which are acidic. They kill germs and microorganisms.

    But the use of chemicals like acids are highly abused when professionals are not involved. That is why most people opt for a pool screen to protect the swimming pool from bugs and microorganisms. Pool screens protect the pool from all these, which is why it is accepted as a maintenance measure for Florida pools. Although it is not exclusive in protecting the pool against microorganisms, it works to a large extent.

    When there are no microorganisms in your pool, algae will not develop, and bugs will not come in to feed on them. So, to a large extent, it can be said that pool screens are repellent against bugs. Although pool screens, also known as pool cages, are considered expensive, they are very effective in keeping the bugs away.


    As discussed above, screens do not provide exclusive protection from dirt, contamination, rust, microorganism, and other factors that can negatively affect Florida pools. The effect of pool screens can be consolidated by routine professional pool cleaning. Any effort to protect your swimming pool must also include this routine pool cleaning apart from bugs. This is because even the hard water used in the swimming pool can harm your pool. 

    GreenTech- Pool Cleaning offers various cleaning services for Florida pools that have helped to improve on their swimming pool experience. We offer a wide range of pool cleanings and pool maintenance services such as swimming pool acid wash, pool tile cleaning, and general pool cleaning services in Florida and environs. We are always ready to efficiently meet your pool cleaning needs.

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