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  • 5 Benefits of Florida Pool winterization

    Preparing your pools for the winter season is very important. The best time for Florida pool winterization is the period before winter sets in. Winter is a very cold period where water can reach freezing levels. Like every other season, it has an impact on swimming pools.

    Winterizing your pool involves all the pool cleaning and maintenance measures which ensure that your pool is not affected by the negative effects of the winter.

    When you request a Florida pool winterization which is preparing pools for the winter, here are some services you will get.

    Florida pool winterization

    Swimming pool

    Benefits of Florida Pool Winterization

    1 Your swimming pool will be clean

    To prepare for the winter period, you need to get rid of dirt and debris from the pool by cleaning. This involves pool wall brushing, pool tile cleaning to remove algae, dirt, and chemicals that have settled in different parts of the pool. So, if you are considering having a Florida pool winterization, pool cleaning should be on your list.

    2 Pool equipment will also be clean

    Chemical deposits on your pool equipment can make them develop a fault. Cleaning your pool equipment to remove these deposits is a good way to winterize. This will ensure that the equipment will function properly next summer.

    3 Winterized plumbing

    The temperature during the winter can be very low. This can freeze water in the pool. The freezing of water can affect the pipes leading to your pool.

    The impact of frozen water can be more on an in-ground pool. Winterizing plumbing involves the use of antifreeze and other means to protect the pipes and fittings.

    4 Pool covering to protect your pool from debris

    Pool covering helps to prevent debris leaves dirt particles from entering your pool. They are also important for the winter. It is important for both above-ground and in-ground pools.

    5 Pool winter chemical  treatment

    Chemicals like chlorine, Alcibiades, and calcium play an important role in pool winterization. The pool often requires lower Chlorine levels because the activities of bacteria are minimal.


    Green Tech offers Florida pool winterization services, contact us to enable you to have a seamless winter and also keep your pool in good shape for the summer.

    For further inquiries and more care tips, follow our social media pages (Facebook  Twitter Instagram). You can also visit us at Green Tech cleaning agency.

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