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  • Pool Cleaning: 7 Facts Which Proves That Fiberglass Swimming Pool Innovation is the Best

    Pool Cleaning: 7 Facts Which Proves That Fiberglass Swimming Pool Innovation is the Best

    You must have heard a great deal about the fiberglass swimming pool innovation. I’m sure you heard right as there are facts to prove them. The fiberglass swimming pool innovation was the product of research into the common challenges that pool owners face. It is currently the best innovation in the swimming pool industry because of its numerous advantages and widespread use. If you have any doubt as to the claims about its efficiency, the following facts should convince you.

    1. Less Maintenance

    The fiberglass swimming pool is known for its smooth finishing, which is capable of resisting harsh weather because of its gel. Other factors such as chemical imbalance, PH issues, and algae growth, which makes frequent maintenance of swimming pool necessary almost non-existent in the fiberglass swimming pool. Many pool cleaning chemicals help in maintenance, but only a few chemicals made for fiberglass can be used. Issues, such as cracking that are raised to discredit the fiberglass swimming pool innovation, do not stand because poor installation is the culprit and not the fiberglass swimming pool.

    2. Customization

    Those who argue that the customization of fiberglass pools are impossible are right, but there is something not true about this perspective. There are various models, shapes, and designs of the fiberglass swimming pool that users can choose from when purchasing it. Customization is often not a problem because before purchasing it users request for specific types of fiberglass pools that suits their need.

    3. Long-lasting

    The average lifespan of non-fiberglass swimming pools is between 6-12 years. This is quite different from what fiberglass offers. Your fiberglass swimming pool can last up to 25 years. This long-lasting pool is a popular choice because it guarantees a much longer swimming pool lifespan that is far longer than the usual.


    Credit: Vinyl Vs Concrete Vs Fiberglass Pools | Albert Group Pools & Patios

    4. No need to drain

    You rarely need to drain your fiberglass swimming pool to get rid of dirty water. There is a common saying among users of this type of swimming pool that it is forbidden to drain a fiberglass swimming pool. This is because the weight of the water helps to hold the pool glass panels together.

    5. Eco-friendly

    Non-fiberglass swimming pool innovation has solved a problem that was a major cause of worry to environmental activists. You may not be one, but this innovation has protected you from the negative effects of environmental protection. The issue of leaching of swimming pool water, chemicals, and rust into the ground does not occur. This makes it more environmentally friendly than any other type of pool.

    6. Fewer chemicals required

    No chemical reaction can take place between the pool surfaces and pool chemicals that normally result in chemical imbalance, discoloration, erosion, or rusting. All these problems are caused by reactive pools, a problem that the fiberglass swimming pool innovation has solved.

    7. No Resurfacing

    Non-fiberglass swimming pools require resurfacing after a period of use. This is because of the effect of chemicals on the pool bottom. It involves wiping away the pool surface plaster to reveal the pebbles before a new finishing is done. Even after this, there is a need to repeat the process after a period. However, it is not necessary with fiberglass swimming pool innovation. The pool is generally non-reactive, and there will be no imbalance in water or chemical level.

    Fiberglass is the Future of Swimming pool innovation

    With the facts discussed above, fiberglass swimming pool innovation came out of research into the common swimming pool problems. It is affordable and not expensive when compared to the high maintenance requirement of most non-fiberglass pools. It is common in Florida and many other pool hubs around the world because of its unique qualities.

    It is certainly the best swimming pool innovation in recent times since whatever seems to constitute its disadvantages is only a tip of the iceberg when compared with its advantages. Any future innovation in this area will revolve around fiberglass technology.


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