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  • Coronavirus Pool Cleaning: 2 Effective Ways to Disinfect Your Pool

    How to Disinfect Your Swimming Pool Against Coronavirus

    Coronavirus pool cleaning raises critical questions in the minds of most swimming pool lovers. It has to do with reducing the possibility of getting the virus through the use of swimming pools. If you have such questions, then you are not alone.

    Many public places have reopened despite the continuous rise in the number of coronavirus cases. It was important for them to do so given the effect of continuous lockdown. Swimming pool lovers want to know how safe it is to return to their fun spots.

    The responsibility of ensuring a safe pool through coronavirus pool cleaning rests largely on pool owners. Many are concerned about the possibility of transmission of the virus through the swimming pool, but experts have dispelled any possibility of transmission in the pool water because of the use of disinfectants. Of great importance to preventing the coronavirus in the swimming pool is the guidelines that can help stop the transmission.

    What Coronavirus Pool Cleaning Entails

    There are two main ways that your swimming pool can be protected from coronavirus. They are; using chlorine to disinfect the pool and adhering to strict coronavirus prevention measures around the pool. They both constitute the coronavirus pool cleaning.

    1. Using Chlorine

    Disinfecting the swimming pool requires the correct usage of chlorine, which kills germs and bacteria in the pool. It has been established that chlorine effectively kills the virus when it is present in the right proportion.

    But care must be taken not to abuse chlorine because of its adverse effects when used in a very high proportion. It can be added to the pool at least once in a week based on the number of users. This is because chlorine has a low PH level. It is important to consult experts when disinfecting the pool against the virus.

    2. Coronavirus Prevention Measures

    a. People using the swimming pool must adhere to social distancing measures such as staying some meters away from other users. Having a crowded pool is no longer advisable, and public places with pools must ensure strict compliance.

    b.  The use of face-mask is also very important when you are around the pool environment. This prevents any possibility of spreading the virus from infected persons who may be asymptomatic.

    c.  Other sanitary measures, like hand washing and hand sanitizing, are also important when you are in a swimming pool area. Places like the pool handrails, pool toys, and other materials that people can easily come in contact with must be sanitized often too.


    In conclusion, disinfecting your public pool using chlorine and adhering to coronavirus pool cleaning measures will keep pool users safe as the society reopens for a challenging new post-pandemic world. General pool cleaning services also remain your best bet for having a healthy and safe pool.


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