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  • 5 Signs That You Need Urgent Swimming Pool Cleaning

    5 Signs That You Need Urgent Swimming Pool Cleaning 

    If you’ve been using a swimming pool for a while, it is expected that you know certain signs, which indicate you need an urgent swimming pool cleaning. A swimming pool symbolizes maximum relaxation for many people, and they do not expect to get anything less when using it. That is why it is necessary to watch out for these signs and take drastic cleaning measures. 


    Taking swimming pool cleaning seriously will help your pool to last longer and serve you better. It is vital to carry out routine maintenance on your pool to keep these negative signs away. But if any of the signs show up despite your cleaning measures, do not hesitate to seek the help of professional pool cleaners.


    Signs That You Need Urgent Swimming Pool Cleaning

    If any of the signs below are observed in your swimming pool, then request an urgent swimming pool cleaning.


    1. Cloudy and dirty water

    When the water is cloudy and dirty, it indicates that there is a high concentration of calcium which causes hardness in water. Calcium can leave deposits on your tiles, which looks unpleasant. A cloudy swimming pool can also indicate that your chlorine level has diminished. It is a sign that you need urgent cleaning if it has affected your tiles.


    2. Your Swimming Pool Has Algae

    It is very easy to know if your swimming pool has algae since algae are visible. Algae can cause the watercolor to change due to its effects on chemicals in the pool. It also thrives with sunlight energy and attracts other microbes. The blue-green algae even produce toxins like cyanobacteria, which thrive in poorly sanitized pools. A pool with algae needs an urgent swimming pool cleaning.


    3. Eye irritation and redness

    Urgent swimming pool cleaning is needed if you have red-eye from using your pool. It is important to promptly address such issues because it affects your health. Having red eyes does not always mean that there is too much chlorine in your pool. It may point to the presence of pollutants like urine and bacteria, which depletes the chlorine and produces irritants that cause red eyes.


    4. Dirt After Vacuuming

    Vacuuming is a cleaning measure that can make your swimming pool tiles clean. But if after vacuuming your pool tiles to remove algae and other dirt, you still find them in your pool shortly after, it means that your swimming pool filter needs urgent cleaning.


    5. Negative Pool Test Result

    Normally, the swimming pool should be tested twice daily to ensure that the chemical levels are balanced. If the levels are unbalanced, it may pose a serious health risk to users and even damage essential pool parts. So if your swimming pool chemical level test result confirms any chemical imbalance, then know that the pool needs urgent cleaning. Imbalance chemical allows bacteria to grow and dirt to accumulate. If proper care is not taken, before the pool manager gets to find out, it’d have caused severe damages such as chemical deposits and damage to the tile. 


    Having a Clean Swimming Pool

     It is vital to maintain your swimming pool and clean it if it shows any sign of being dirty or unhealthy. Swimming pools are made to provide comfort, but when dirt and germs are allowed to thrive, they become a threat to our health. 


    The signs discussed above help us to quickly identify when an urgent swimming pool cleaning is required. People should not make use of swimming pools that show any of these signs. Rather they should be promptly cleaned.


    Green Tech Cleaning offers a wide range of pool cleanings and pool maintenance services such as swimming pool acid wash, pool tile cleaning, and general pool cleaning services in Florida and environs. We are always ready to efficiently meet your pool cleaning needs.

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