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  • 5 important notes about the causes of Algae on Pool Tiles

    There are many reasons why there are algae on pool tiles and research shows that some algae species can double in size in 24 hours.


    More frightening is that they can have an average lifespan of up to a year or two.


    Algae can negatively affect the safety of your pool water and the tiles, leaving stains and slippery dirt on them. 



    Finding algae on your swimming pool tiles raises a lot of questions on the maintenance practice that you adopted. It can also be a sign that the pool was neglected for a period.


    There are different types of algae that can be found in a swimming pool. They have different characteristics and cause various degrees of harm and damage to the swimming pool.


    Causes of Algae on Pool Tiles


    algae on pool tiles

    Pool tiles, walls and water full of algae.


    Whatever goes into the pool can affect the Pool tiles. Also, this is true for chemicals and particles that goes into the pool. Algae can enter a swimming pool through diverse means and spread rapidly until the water looks green or dark in color.


    Algae on pool tiles does not expire on its own but will keep spreading so long as the circumstances remain favorable. If your pool has tiles then you should worry about them.


    Algae can manufacture their food through photosynthesis so once they infest a pool, only an urgent action can save the situation.


    It is almost impossible to prevent algae spores from finding their way into your pool.


    But as the saying goes, “you can’t stop the birds from flying over your head but you can stop them from building a nest on your head”.


    Regular pool cleaning gets rid of them before they start to develop and become a nuisance.


    Below are some important things to note about the causes of algae on pool tiles:

     1 Dirty pool water

    Pool water can transfer algae spores into your swimming pool. It takes water treatment and chemical balance to keep pool water in good condition.


    2 Wind

    Algae spores can be dispersed by wind. Pools that are left uncovered can easily develop algae.


    3 Pool equipment  

    Pool equipment like toys, automatic cleaners, and cleaning equipment can introduce algae into your pool if they are not well cleaned and properly maintained.


    4 Dirty pool tiles

    Dirt’s from the pool wall and sides often settle on the tiles. When they accumulate, chemicals become less effective and algae thrive rapidly making it slippery and dirty.


     5 Faulty pool filters

    Bad filters will allow algae to thrive in your pool. Filters are supposed to get rid of dirt, and foreign materials that encourage algae growth. When they are faulty algae can grow rapidly.


    Algae on pool tiles

    Pool taken over by green algae.

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