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  • 5 Swimming Pool Water Treatment Steps and Why They Are Important

    Swimming Pool Water Treatment Steps and Why They Are Important

    There are swimming pool water treatment steps to guide the treatment of pool water. These steps are very important because they each serve a unique purpose in the water treatment process. They take place in an orderly manner so that one step is completed before another.

    These swimming pool water treatment steps are required to effectively clean the pool and removing germs that can make the pool unhealthy for users.

    5 Swimming Pool Water Treatment Steps and Why They Are Important

    1 Water Collection to Purification Plant

    All swimming pools have water purification plants to remove dirt and harmful microbes from the pool water. It is not healthy to use a swimming pool without a water treatment arrangement. So, of the first swimming pool, water treatment steps are the collection of the water to a purification plant by draining.

    2 Screening and Removal of Raw Pollutants

    Hair, leaves and other particles in the swimming pool cannot be allowed to remain. The water treatment plant is able to screen and remove these raw pollutants but that is not all.

    3 Flocculation

    The use of flocculant is also very important and it marks another important swimming pool water treatment step. The flocculation helps small particles of colloids to stick together. These visible particles of organic matter which include cloth fibers, soap remnants, saliva, cosmetic remnants that can make the water turbid.

    4 Use of Indicators and Sand Filters

    Indicators help to detect organic matter present in the water before the sand filter does its work. Sand filters help to remove floating particles of dirt. The sand filter itself needs to be backwashed at intervals. It discharges pollutants from the water.

    5 Disinfection, storage and distribution.

    The swimming pool water treatment steps often end with the disinfecting, storage and distribution of treated water. The cycle is often repeated at each water treatment session.


    Why Swimming Pool Water Treatment is Important?

    This swimming pool water treatment steps are the vital stages of making the pool water clean and free from germs. It is impossible for dirt and germs to remain in the pool water at the end of the water treatment process which involves many steps.

    It guarantees maximum swimming pool user satisfaction. Also, it is capable of limiting the negative effects of dirty pools such as red eyes, body rash, and algae among others. After the process is completed, the now fresh and clean pool water is distributed back to the pool.


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