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  • What are the Benefits of Shocking Your Pool Regularly?

    Shocking your pool regularly has many benefits. It is not just one of those things that pool owners do. Rather, it is a requirement that must be observed weekly to keep the swimming pool safe for use.

    It renews chlorine along with its capacity to keep germs under control. Also, shocking your pool regularly is seen as a part of good pool cleaning and maintenance practice because it curbs algae and other4 nuisance from ruining the pool and its equipment.

    Pool owners are very familiar with the term “shocking”. It is directly linked to the safety of a swimming pool. A pool that is not regularly shocked will be a breeding place for bacteria and germs. No one wants that.

    Chlorine and other chemicals can be used for shocking. Chlorine often diminishes after sometime, making the pool vulnerable to germs

     The efficacy of chlorine in your swimming pool does not remain the same. Contaminants in the water make the chlorine form a compound that becomes less effective as a disinfectant. Shocking the pool restores the efficacy of chlorine in your swimming pool but you have to do it regularly.


    Shocking Your Pool Regularly

    Pool cleaning


    4 Benefits of Shocking Your Pool Regularly

     1 It eliminates organic contaminants


     What causes the red eyes and body irritation are some organic contaminants that are combined with chlorine in the pool. Shocking the pool frees up chlorine and removes the organic contaminants in the water that reduces the effectiveness of chlorine.


     2 Pool shocking prevents the growth of algae

    Algae  can ruin a beautiful pool if it is not cleaned up. The best way to stop them is by regular pool cleaning. However, most pool owners will resort to shocking the pool if algae are spotted anywhere in the pool. The sight of algae is an indication that the pool water has been contaminated. However, you don’t have to wait until algae starts surfacing before you ensure that the chemical levels are balanced.


     3 It makes chlorine more active

     Shocking makes chlorine more active by removing the pollutants that combine to weaken it. Active chlorine will keep the water safe.


     4 It also kills bacteria and germs

     There’ll be no issues with bacteria if the practice of shocking your pool regularly is taking seriously. Swimming pools should be shocked at least once a week. 


    Shocking Your Pool Regularly

    Swimming pool

    Even during the winter, your pool should be in good condition. This will preserve not only the water but also the pool fittings and equipment before the summer comes. Therefore, shocking y0ur pool regularly is a practice that should not be ignored in pool maintenance.


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