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  • 5 Important Pool Maintenance Tips for Fall

    Pool Maintenance Tips for Fall

    September is fast approaching, and the thought of how to prepare for the coming fall is on everybody’s mind. Pool maintenance tips for fall are crucial to help you have a seamless autumn.

    The fall months are a period when deciduous trees shed their leaves. If you have a pool in your residence or hotel, it is important to know these tips before the fall months begin, this is because, without proper pool maintenance tips for fall, the leaves and debris from the fall can block the pool filter, cause chemical imbalance and other damages.

    Pool Maintenance Tips

    Temperature Regulation

    The temperature of your swimming pool determines how long the chemicals in the pool will last. Chemicals help to control bacteria and other micro-organisms from thriving in the pool. A change in water temperature can affect the effectiveness of pool chemicals. The fall months can make pool owners lose interest in maintaining their pool because of the cool temperature so they must take note of the importance of temperature regulation.

    Pool Filter Cleaning

    Pool filters should be cleaned regularly to remove fallen leaves from deciduous trees and other debris that can be found in the pool during the fall months. Swimming pools that do not have a pool cage will have to cope with the removal of leaves and debris, some of which will clog on the pool filter. To ensure its continuous efficiency, pool filters have to be cleaned regularly.

    Repairs and Maintenance

    A stitch in time saves nine when it comes to the swimming pool. When a fault is not addressed on time, it can lead to other damages to the pool and affect the pool equipment efficiency. So, in preparing for the fall month it is important to address all repairs and pool maintenance for fall issues.

    Check Chemical Level

    Autumn has cool weather but that does not mean you should not check the pool’s chemical level as frequently as you did in other seasons. You must sanitize your swimming pool while beginning the autumn season. This pool cleaning tips will help you monitor and cope with the effects of the weather on your pool chemical level.

    Prepare for Stormy Weather

    Stormy weather often accompanies the autumn season. That means that the swimming pool needs to be taken care of in a certain way. Taking care of your swimming pool for autumn is quite different from preparing for any other season. In autumn, accompanied by stormy weather, deciduous trees shed their leaves, which can litter your pool. The stormy weather in autumn, often unexpected, can cause some disturbances to your swimming pool and its surrounding.

    In preparing your pool for autumn, you need to get your pool ready for the season’s stormy weather. If you do not want your pool toys to be blown away during autumn, the furniture around the pool should also be safely kept after use. Although it is considered to be expensive, pool cages can protect your swimming pool during autumn. This will protect it from leaves and other debris. However, not many pools have it because it is expensive, while some prefer to have a pool that is exposed to nature.



    Applying these pool maintenance tips for fall is the best way to prepare for the fall months as September draws nearer. To help you prepare well for the fall, you can contact Greentech-Pool cleaning for all your pool cleaning needs. These Pool maintenance tips for fall will guide you to have a seamless fall month.


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