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  • 5 Effective Swimming Pool Maintenance Rule of Thumb Everyone Should Know

    Swimming Pool Maintenance Rule of Thumb

    The importance of maintenance for facilities like a swimming pool has made some maintenance practices to become a rule of thumb, which should guide owners to have an efficient and long-lasting swimming pool.

    The swimming pool maintenance rule of thumb is only a guiding principle that is easy to apply, to help prevent damages to the swimming pool and ensure safety. Where necessary, expert services can be sought to implement them. 

    5 Swimming Pool Maintenance Rule of Thumb Everyone Should Know


    1. Know Your Pool Design

    Pool designs top the list of swimming pool maintenance rule of thumb because it is the design that will determine how you will go about its maintenance. Some pool designs, like the Fiberglass swimming pool, have a different maintenance approach from others. Others may require more frequent cleaning, water draining, among others. Ensure that you use the right maintenance practice that is appropriate for your pool design.

    2. Pool Water Testing

    Chemicals are used in swimming pools for diverse purposes, such as controlling bacteria, balancing chemical levels, etc. It is by regular testing of the pool water that the actual chemical level can be ascertained. It is among the swimming pool maintenance rule of thumb since, without regular testing of pool water, it can be dangerous to the swimming pool users.

    3. Water Treatments

    Water treatment is a broad system of taking care of used water from the swimming pool. It involves the application of various chemicals to disinfect and remove germs from the water and then let clean water back into the pool. It is an important pool maintenance practice that protects the pool tiles and pool equipment from being negatively affected by algae and calcium deposits, among others.

    4. Seasonal Preparations

    It is a proper swimming pool maintenance rule of thumb to adequately prepare for every season of the year. Be it summer, autumn, winter, and spring as the case may be, the swimming pool must be cleaned in preparation for any season to ensure that it is not adversely affected.

    5. Consult Experts; Green Tech Pool Cleaning

    There are experienced pool cleaning professionals that have handled different types of pools with many years of excellence and experience to their credit. Green Tech offers a wide range of pool cleaning services in Crestview Florida and surrounding cities. We provide tile cleaning, wall brushing, water treatment, summarization, winterization, maintenance, and general cleaning, among others. We are always ready to efficiently meet your pool cleaning needs.

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