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  • 4 Ways to Reduce Your Pool Maintenance Cost for Next Summer

    Most pool owners want to have their pool maintenance cost reduced when next summer comes but that will depend largely on how well the pool was taking care of in the period between two summers.

    The fall months and the winter comes with many challenges for pools. Fall brings about leaves and debris that can enter the pool and cause damage.

    Also, the freezing temperatures of the winter can affect your pool fittings and pipes adversely. If the negative effects of the seasons are allowed to affect your pool, you will spend so much money on maintenance next summer.

    Without proper care measures in the period before the summer, your pool maintenance cost will still be high because pool cleaners will have to do so much work to make your pool good for use again. Here are some measures that can help reduce your pool maintenance cost for next summer.

    How to Reduce Pool Maintenance Cost for Next Summer

    1 Use a pool cover

    Using a pool cover may sound simple but it will help to prevent debris and leaves from entering the pool. Thus, lowering the extent of pool cleaning. Debris can cause multiple problems like blocking pool filters and encouraging algae growth.

    2 Ensure chemical balance

    Although pools are not regularly used in the periods before summer, there is a need to maintain chemical balance in the water. Low temperatures in winter can lead to a high concentration of chlorine which can damage pool covers, tiles and walls resulting in stains.

    3 Clean pool filter

    Your pool filter does a lot of work. It helps to remove particles and dirt from your pool but it can be clogged too. So, it needs to be cleaned regularly when in use. Filters and associated pipes need to be winterized early.

    4 Address faults promptly

    Don’t hesitate to seek help from pool professionals if you discover a problem. You do not have to wait till next summer to address it especially leaking pipes because it can get worse and cause more damage.

    Having a great summer with low pool maintenance cost is possible when you take care of your pool now. By the time the summer comes, you will not have to spend so much to prepare your pool for use. Minor faults and maintenance issues that can result in bigger problems will be sorted if you act now.


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