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  • 5 Useful Concrete Pool Maintenance Tips

    Concrete pool maintenance tips will help you enjoy maximum satisfaction from using your concrete pool. There are different types of swimming pool designs but if you have a concrete pool, you need more maintenance.

    Having a concrete pool is great. It enables you to have your pool in any shape or size that you want. But without concrete pool maintenance, you may not enjoy your concrete pool.

    The pool is not manufactured; it involves a construction process that enables it to suit your needs. This process involves rebar to support the concrete when it is sprayed with Gunite. This mixture of cement and sand forms the walls and floor of the pool.

    Concrete pool maintenance tips can help you better take care of your concrete pool. This will enable it last long, at least as long as expected.

    Concrete pool maintenance tips

    5 Concrete Pool Maintenance Tips

    1 Constant chemical balance

    You have to maintain the chemical balance in your concrete pool. This is because there are microscopic pores in your concrete that can absorb chemicals like chlorine. 

    So, regularly check the chemical level of your pool and ensure that the chemicals are in the right amount. Without chemical balance, your concrete pool will be unsafe due to bacterial activities.

    2 Resurfacing

    As part of your concrete pool maintenance tips, you need to resurface your pool every 10 to 15 years. Resurfacing is important because the concrete had a lot of wearing away in the cause of acid wash and general cleaning. It reacts with chemicals and can be badly affected.

    3 Promptly treat cracks

    Cracks in concrete pools are often an indication that the soil around your concrete pool has shifted. A change in the water table of the soil around your concrete pool can also cause a crack. 

    It is important to seal up cracks as soon as they are found. This will prevent them from expanding and causing more damage.

    4 Pool wall brushing

    Brushing your concrete pool wall is a good way to ensure that bacteria and algae do not build up. It is important because of the porous nature of concrete. 

    Bacteria and algae can hide in the pores. Dirt brushed down from the walls can when be vacuumed from the pool floor. Among all the concrete pool maintenance tips, pool wall brushing should be the most frequently used.

    5 Acid wash highly recommended

    Acid wash removes the thin layer of your concrete pool walls and floor. Among all the concrete pool maintenance tips, acid wash is done less frequently because it wears away the concrete surfaces. 

    It is highly recommended when stains from chemical deposits or algae have accumulated on pool walls and floor.  

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