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  • How COVID-19 Will Promote Backyard Pool Culture in Florida

    How COVID-19 Will Promote Backyard Pool Culture in Florida

    Backyard pool culture will thrive in Florida and many other places since the risk involved in using a public swimming pool is greater now. This risk is associated with the coronavirus pandemic which had claimed many lives in America and the world at large. Florida is known for its unique preference for swimming pools because of its hot weather. Residents use both private and public pools, but with the impact of COVID-19, more residents now adapt to the backyard pool culture. The impact of COVID-19 is mainly an aspect of social-distancing, which will motivate more people to have a backyard pool so that during the hot summer, they can enjoy the pool without being exposed to the risk of contracting the COVID-19 disease. 

    In 2019, a report revealed that 40% of all single-family homes sold in Sarasota County had a private swimming pool. The number is already this high, and it will increase due to the pandemic. Different types of swimming pools are used in Florida. Their designs are chosen based on user preference, cost, and a host of other factors. However, social distancing is now a factor that will determine people’s choice of a swimming pool. It can easily be maintained in a backyard pool in your house rather than in a public swimming pool. 

    In the coming years, the number of backyard pool owners will increase drastically because of the need to adhere to the Center for Diseases Control (CDC) guidelines on COVID-19 prevention.

    COVID-19 Will Drive The Backyard Pool Culture

     Backyard pool culture will become an irresistible trend for those that do not have it. Backyard pools come in different sizes and designs, so you can make your choice when you are ready to have one in your backyard. Even with limited space in your backyard, you can have a swimming pool. Having a backyard pool would be preferable because of the social distancing measures, which will still thrive in the years to come. You can make use of the pool alone without any fear of COVID-19 infection.

    Since they are close to the home, everyone in your home can access it. So, it is important to follow safety precautions to prevent little kids from drowning.

    How Green Tech Pool Cleaning can help you.

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