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  • 5 Summer Pool Care Mistakes That Can Seriously Affect Your Pool

    Summer Pool Care Mistakes That Can Seriously Affect Your Pool

    Making the best of your swimming pool, especially during summer, is the right thing to do. The scorching sun and frequent use of the pool demand regular pool care measures. However, mistakes can be made while caring for your pool. These mistakes occur mainly because people are not aware of the implication of such practices. It is essential to understand these mistakes since they are often made while carrying out some pool maintenance and cleaning tasks. Knowing them will help you avoid their negative effects. 

    Summer Pool Care Mistakes

    1. Not Brushing Your Pool Walls

    You do not have to wait until stains and dirt accumulate on your pool walls before brushing them. While you often vacuum-clean the pool, it is essential to brush the pool walls too. This is because, even if your pool looks clean, dirty walls can spread algae, dirt, and bacteria throughout the pool. Brushing your pool walls. along with the regular pool cleaning, will ensure that you have a clean swimming pool. It is a summer pool care mistake to ignore your pool walls.

    2. Shocking Your Swimming Pool Directly

    Shocking of swimming pools can be done using chlorine. It kills germs and purifies the pool water. Shocking your pool is not just important, but very necessary. That is if you want to maintain a clean and germ-free pool. Shocking directly involves the application of chlorine into the swimming pool, to have it spread evenly and in the right concentrations to avoid causing damages. Although it appears easy to just apply it to the pool directly, it is a major summer pool care mistake that you would not want to make again. As a known bleaching agent, chlorine can bleach your pool liner, walls, and floors if it is applied directly in the pool.

    3. Ignoring Calcium in Hard water

    Calcium found in hard water can indeed leave deposits in your pool, which can cause stains. But that is not an excuse to ignore the benefits of calcium element. You can easily clean the pool regularly to remove its deposits. Assuming that calcium is bad or unhealthy for your pool is a summer pool care mistake you should avoid. When used in balanced levels, calcium can protect your Vinyl pool liners, filters, fiberglass, and plaster. For the records, calcium helps to balance your pool chemical level, prevent corrosion, and other effects of high concentration chemical reactions.

    4. Shocking Your Pool at Night

    The importance of a balanced pool acidity level cannot be overemphasized. Shocking is commonly done using chlorine, but it is not considered successful if the chlorine disappears within a few hours of application. Shocking your pool during the day is another summer pool mistake people tend to make. Chlorine, when present in high concentration can damage pool equipment and parts. However, when it is in low concentration, bacteria and other germs will thrive in it. The sun is capable of depleting the chlorine content of your swimming pool, so its best applied at night.

    5. Not Contacting Professionals for Thorough Cleaning

    You may be able to clean your pools, once in a while, but you may not be able to handle all your pool care and maintenance tasks without making mistakes. 

    Green Tech Cleaning can help you. With many years of efficient client satisfaction, we will handle all aspects of your pool cleaning and care, such as pool wall brushing, pool vacuuming, pool tile cleaning, pool water treatment, summerization, and winterization, among others.

    Note that if you do not take good care of your pool now, you will have a tedious task ahead come next summer.

    For further inquiries and more care tips, follow our social media pages (Facebook  Twitter Instagram). You can also visit us at Green Tech cleaning agency.

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