Automatic Vacuums

Having an automatic vacuum for your pool is a great idea. It means that you want to take effective care of your pool in a way that will be easier and more comfortable. Our maintenance services make your automatic vacuums more effective and seamless.

Our maintenance services will ensure these:

  • Your automatic vacuum will last long
  • It will not suddenly breakdown
  • It will work efficiently and serve its purpose

If you observe any of the problems below, then let Green Tech do good maintenance for your pool automatic vacuums.

automatic vacuum
Automatic Vacuums

Slow Sunction Cleaner

Your sanction cleaner is automated to vacuum swiftly and not with difficulty. If you notice that it is slow the dirt and debris may be inhibiting its efficient functioning. Call Green Tech to help you do maintenance of the automatic vacuum.

Filters are dirty

When your automatic vacuum is dirty it can leave debris behind in your pool rather than cleaning them. Dirt can easily be observed in the driveway pulleys

Strange noises and Jerky motions

Strange noises from the automatic vacuum are signals that should not be taken lightly. Promptly take action by calling Green Tech to do a maintenance check on the automatic vacuum.

automatic vacuum
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